21 July 2008

About Portuguese Menu Blog

Hello, I´m Mizé. Welcome to Portuguese Menu, my blog about Portuguese Food.
I´m not a Chef, but when I was younger I worked in restaurants and managed a café with my hubby. Currently I´m just a mom who has cooked almost every day, for the past 20 years.
I started this blog because I love blogging and cooking and I think it´s a good way to share what I know about Portuguese food and culture.
Most Portuguese Menus I cook are tasty, economical and follow the guidelines of a healthy Mediterranean Diet.
To overcome translation issues I will use Portuguese in traditional recipe´ titles or pictures. For now, my objectives for Portuguese Menu Blog are:

~Post Recipes I cook
~Post Traditional Portuguese Recipes
~Post about Mediterranean and Portuguese Products
~Use Photos when possible

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Contact me: nightextras@iol.pt

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