17 August 2008

A Cold Sweet Recipe with Portuguese Maria Cookies

Hi everyone. Wish you all a good Sunday.
Today, I´m skipping the Mediterranean Pyramid Diet and I´m posting a recipe of a cold sweet that I like very much. This recipe was adapted from one I found some years ago in a Portuguese magazine called "Activa". The recipe is originally made with Portuguese "Maria Cookies" but it can be done with any type that goes well with coffe, like butter cookies or "La Rene" sticks.


~ 1 Small Can of Sweetened Condensed Milk
~ 2 Packages (200 ml each) of Milk Cream
~ 2 Packets of “Maria” Cookies or Butter Cookies
~ 2 Cups of Black Coffee
~ ½ Cup of Milk
~ 3 White Gelatin Portions (sheets)


1. First you have to cook the can of sweetened condensed milk for about 40 minutes, or more, depending on how you cook it. I cook the can for 40 minutes in pressure-cook (medium heat). The can must be closed and covered with water. I add a few lemon slices so my preassure-cook doesn´t turn black. It´s very important that you only try to open the can when it´s cold, otherwise you can get burned. The condensed milk has to turn browner, like caramel colour.

2. While the milk cooks make some fresh black coffee to soak the cookies.

3. Add the gelatin, to the milk and put in the microwave until it warms, so the gelatin dissolves. If you´re using sheets of gelatin soak them with cold water before you add them to the milk, this way they dissolve faster. Reserve.

4. Beat milk cream for five minutes, add the condensed milk, and then the gelatin dissolved in milk. Beat again for more two minutes. This mixture looks like a soft cream.

5. In a tray put a layer of cookies, previously well soaked in coffee, and cover it with cream. Repeat the process until you finish the ingredients.
You can decorate with cookies or other toppings you like. Before serving, put it in the fridge for, at least, six hours. Last time I did this recipe I only used smashed cookies as topping, and it was yummy. That´s how it looked:

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