11 September 2008

Lettuce Salad: A Different Portuguese Seasoning

Hi everyone.
Today´s post is about a Portuguese seasoning for salads I learned from my mother-in-law. I think this lettuce salad goes well with almost any dish. I like to serve it with roasted meat, grilled fish, codfish dishes, some pasta specialities, omelets and "Tortilhas", the Spanish omlet.
I mix all the ingredients in a salad bowl in the following order: Lettuce, onion, fresh corienter and mint leaves (chopped toguether), salt, olive oil, vinegar and water. Lettuce salads with this type of vinagrette sauce should be served right after being prepared.


~ Letuce
~ Thin slices of onion
~ Fresh corienter
~ Fresh garden mint leaves
~ Salt
~ Olive oil
~ Vinegar
~ 1 tsp water

Bom Apetite!


Vidhya said...

Thats an easy salad. Will try it. Sorry Mize, my kid was sick, so couldnt contact you. Here is the link. Please put my full name Vidhya Iyer as your referrer. Thanks


Mizé said...

Hi Vidhya. It´s ok. Sometimes I take a few days to answer too.
I will take a look at your link soon.

Rachel said...

I have never put water in a salad dressing - it sounds like a good idea to have plenty of dressing with less oil for a lower calorie salad.