19 December 2008

Portuguese Lamb in the Oven

Portuguese lamb in the oven is one of my favorite meat dishes and it´s a classic in our Christmas holidays.
Lamb dishes are traditional and very appreciated in Portugal. You can find different ways of cooking lamb (stews, grilled, in the oven, etc) in most good restaurants of all Portuguese regions.
Today, I´m posting my recipe.

The secret of this dish is the meat quality. I prefer fresh lamb from Alentejo region and I never froze it.
Before cooking, I season the lamb and put it in the fridge for 12 hours.
I use garlic, ground sweet pepper, bay leaves, lemmon, salt and white wine:

To cook, I put the lamb in the oven tray and surround the meat with potatoes (1/4 or small size).
I cover the meat with slices of onion and tomatoe. I also add fresh parsley, a bit more of ground sweet pepper, black pepper (very little), olive oil and salt:

I cook it in 220º oven until the meat is well done.
While roasting, I add white wine to the sauce and cover the meat with it. This way the meat doesn´t dry much. I repeat this process two or three times.
I like to serve this dish with rice or a mixed salad:

Bom Apetite!


Babette said...

This looks delicious! I'll have to try your recipe with pork. I'm sure it'll taste great.

Mizé said...

Hi Babette.
Sorry to answer only now, been real busy.
It works great with pork too!
Try it and let me know.