6 December 2008

Sweet Almond´s Cake

Some months ago, I posted this recipe in My Countryhome blog. Now, I´m adding it to Portuguese Menu too.
I make this cake with the sweet almonds from the trees we have in our plot.
It´s a very easy recipe of a delicious cake. Just mix all the ingredients, bake, and it´s done!

Portuguese Almond Cake


4 Eggs
200 gr Sugar
200 gr Flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
1/2 Cup Milk
1/4 Cup Oil
1 Cup of grated Almonds
(with peel)


Beat the 4 eggs with the sugar, until they´re creamy. Add the milk, beat again, and then add the oil. Continue to beat and gently add the fluor, previously mixed with the baking powder.
For last, add the almond, and beat for more 2/3 minutes, until you see little bubbles. Remember that if you grate well the almonds you´ll never notice the peel.
Bake at 190º C, for 45 minutes.
Serve with any topping or decorate as you like. In my opinion, this cake is great with "egg´s sweet": " Doce de Ovos", as we call it in Portugal.

Happy Baking.


Lanie said...

Hi Mize, I already added your food blog in my kichen and my chicken parmesan recipe is up in my post. thanks for adding my foodblog. I need to add all your blogs as well in my blogs and do please mine as well, but I will do tomorrow ok. thanks

Empty Streets said...

now that is what I like hehehe ALmonds and cake all in one little heavenly dish hehe :) will be baking that thing tomorrow for a trial and see how I can fit that into a xmas premenu :) thanks Mize :)

liza said...

oh wow, you have almond tree, i wish i had one too and other fruit bearing trees. ;)

the recipe looks so easy, i'll keep a copy ;) thanks for sharing.


Sandra Carvalho said...

Sounds delicious!
Já me cresce agua na boca!LOL!

Reeni said...

You are so lucky to have an almond tree! They are so expensive here. Your almond cake sounds delicous!