18 January 2009

Portuguese Fish: Fried Squid

Hi everyone.
As I mentioned in previous posts, Portugal has good fish and seafood. We import some goods from other countries but in Portugal we still have some fishing activity.
The picture above is fried squid, which is a great Tapa or main course.
I buy big fresh squids, clean them well (remove head, skin and belly) and cut them in slices or like in the picture (I also fry the heads but they´re not in the picture, only the nice bits). Before cooking, I season the fish with salt, lemon juice and a bit of black pepper.
In a soup plate mix flour with ground toasted bread. First, I deep the squid in the egg and then roll it in the mixture of bread. Fry in hot oil and serve.
I like to serve fried squid with rice, salad or both. It´s also delicious as a Tapa with bread and a good Portuguese wine.
Bom Apetite.


Babette said...

I love these. We call it Calamari and is usually served with lemon. It's an appetizer for us.
Btw Mize, what does Bacala (I'm not sure of the spelling) taste like? Is it salty?

Crissy said...

Hi! Just came across your blog. We do have big squid too and we called it "lumot". Some fry it and others grill it with tomatoes, onions and cheese. Have a great week! ♥
Housewife @ Work
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Mariuca said...

I love squid too, so yum! Actually I love all seafood! :):):)

Mariuca said...

Thanks for advertising at MPG dearie! Hope u're having a good day. I am almost done with both EC rounds, WOW!!! :):):)