16 March 2009

Chinese Food in Portugal

Hello everyone.
I´m a fan of traditional Portuguese cusine but I also enjoy other flavours such as Italian, Chinese and Mexican.
Recently, I had a fabolous meal in a Chinese restaurant so today I´m posting some pictures of this dinner out.
As a starter I had a vegetable spring roll and prawn chips. The main course was sweet sour pork, special Chao Min and xau-xau rice. I´d love to know how to cook this meals just like they do in this restaurant :)
There are very good Chinese restaurants here in portugal and this one must be one of them.
The food quality is excelent and prices are very affordable. Plus the service is fast and the staff is very professional and sympathetic. I´ve been their client since they opened the restaurant (about 8 years ago). They´ve maintained the overall quality and when I fell like having a Chinese meal, I always return there.


Anonymous said...

Chinese food here's tastier...hehhe :)

Reeni♥ said...

I love Chinese food!! The place that I have been getting it from for years isn't as good as it used to be. I'm sad.