24 April 2009

Mix Quiche

Quiche is not a typical Portuguese recipe but I like it so much that I decided to share my recipe with Portuguese Menu readers:


For the dough:

~ 150 gr of flour
~ 50 gr margarine
~ salt
~ 1 egg yolk
~ water

Other ingredients:

~ 1/2 onion
~ 2 tablespoons olive oil
~ Mixture of vegetables
~ Cheese and ham in small cubes
~ 2 packets of milk cream (400 ml)
~ 6 whole eggs
~ 1/2 cup of milk
~ salt, black pepper & nutmeg


For the dough: Mix flour, margarine, 1 egg yolk and salt at taste. Add water until you get a consistent dough. Let it rest while you prepare the vegetables.

Chop all vegetables, cheese and ham (or backon) in small pieces.
Fry the onion in olive oil until golden and add the vegetables. Cook for 5 minutes in low temperature. When it´s cold add ham and cheese cubes.

Mix milk cream, milk, whole eggs and beat for 2 minutes. Season with salt, black pepper and ground nutmeg at taste.

Now you´re ready to prepare the quiche. Pre-heat oven at 180º C.
Use an oven tray and cover it with the dough. Add the ingredients you prepared:

Cover with the milk cream and egg mixture:

Cook for 40 minutes in the oven or until the dough is well done.
Cut in slices and serve.

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