3 April 2009

Portuguese Chocolate Salame

Hi everyone.
I´m back with a very simple recipe of a chocolate cake that you can often find in Portugal. This recipe is so simple that you can do it with your kids, it´s Chocolate Salame.


~ 100 gr sugar
~ 100 gr margarine
~ 1 egg (whole)
~ 100 gr powder chocolate
~ 200 gr "Maria" type cookies
(one packet)


1. Mix sugar and margarine (at ambience tempeture or half melted). Add the egg and mix. Add the powder chocolate. Mix well until you get a consistent cream.
2. Smash the cookies in small pieces and mix with the chocolate cream.
3. Make a big roll using your hands. Wrap it in aluminium foil.
4. Put the roll in the fridge for 6 hours (or more). Cut in slices and serve.

Simple and yummy :)
Photo: www.photosearch.com


Lynda said...

Looks delicious, & so easy to make, too - I can almost taste it as I type !

Mizé said...

Hi Lynda!
Thanks for visiting.
I´ve been a bad fellow blogger but there´s so much going on in my life right now...
I owe you some visit which I hope to do this weekend.
You shoud try salame, it´s mouth watering, lol.
Many hugs xx

Steven Brown said...

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Mizé said...

Hi Steven.
Thanks for your tip. I will check this website soon.
See you :)