7 December 2009

Portuguese Menu Topics

Hello everyone.
Lately, I´ve been so busy that I don´t even have time for all my blogs. I already considered quitting some of them but each time I remember how much time I already dedicated, I lose courage. I think it´s better to post once in a while than quitting.
Maybe Portuguese Menu looks abandoned but it isn´t. As you probably know, I moderate all comments. Lately, I´ve been receiving some comments in what looks to be Chinese and other comments by an anonymous that are clearly spam, full of links.
I deleted all these comments. First, I don´t understand Chinese and I think most of my readers don´t either. Secondly, I only accept links on comments from fellow bloggers I know.
So, for these two my message is: Leave my blog alone! Your comments will never be approved!
For my visitors: Thanks for your visits, I´ll be back as soon as possible.


Lynda said...

I've also been getting annoying comments lately - ones in Chinese and also ones with lots of links in them, so I just 'reject' them, too ! I agree, rather blog once in a while than not blogging at all. At least your blog is here to refer back to if I ever need to find a recipe ! Have a nice day ....

Mizé said...

Hi Lynda!
Thanks for your visit and supportive comments :)
The Chinese comments are really annoying and, lately, I receive one or two per day. I´ll just keep deleting them.
Merry Christmas to you & your family!
Warm Hugs xx