20 November 2010

Crab "Natura"

For those of you who enjoy Seafood, here´s a picture of mouthwatering Crab "Natura" I prepared for a weekend "Petisco" :)
I call it "natura" because I don´t add anything, it´s just good crab boiled in salted water. I buy Crabs like the one in the picture in a seafood shop in "Olhão", this city´s seafood is my favorite. Don´t ask me why, it just tastes different and it´s fresh.
In Portugal, some people add beer or mustard but if the crab is fresh enough and has many eggs (fish eggs = ovas) like the one in the picture above, you don´t need to add anything. Serve with toasts & butter and you´ll have a real sea treasure :)
Good Weekend to all!

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