27 December 2010

Foodie Finds

I started Portuguese Menu over two years ago. During all this time, I came across many food blogs or websites from different countries and even made online friendships with other foodie fellows. You can check my blog-roll for some foodie fellows´ blogs.
Overall, blogging about food in English, sharing what goes on in my kitchen and trying to describe my country´s typical dishes and food traditions has been a very pleasant experience. One in which I have learned so much, both about my own country and others. One in which my curiosity took me a bit further.
For example: I started experimenting new recipes and browsing online food shops; I learned about crock pots and the different recipes one can use it for; I learned that there are more shaped cake pans and kitchen supplies than I could ever imagine. You can take as examples for that: a castle cake tins williams-sonoma or a prince castle sauce dispenser.
I learned about chocolate marshmallow sticks and the fact that in USA people cook Marshmallows and use them for more elaborated deserts while here in Portugal Marshmallows are mostly eaten plain, as they come in the package. Not to mention what I learned from Chinese, Japanese and Veggie blogs.
These are only examples of how blogging about food and having a "curiosity attitude" has enriched my own foodie world.
I recently tried a Cheesecake recipe which I enjoyed very much and will share it in a future post.
See you soon :)

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Karen said...

It's so much fun to find all these new adventures!