25 November 2012

Serra da Estrela Typical Products ~ Ribeira D´Alva

In Sta. Iria fair I bought: Figs, Almonds and Sweet Potatoes from Algarve region. Plus, Corn Bread from Viseu and Serra da Estrela Cheese, which you can see in the first picture below. My other purchase was also made in Serra da Estrela tent: "Urze Flower" Honey. 
I asked the owner of the tent permission to take pictures of the products to post here and found that he owns a Restaurant called "Ribeira d´Alva", located in Sabugueiro - Serra da Estrela, and also a shop where we can buy the best regional products. He gave me a visit card with the contact which I´ll post below in case any of you wants to visit the restaurant or the shop. 
Serra da Estrela is the highest mountain in Portugal and, in my opinion, Sabugueiro and the Tower Market are the best places to buy this region´s typical products. In Serra da Estrela snows so there´s also a Snow Sports center. 

Corn Bread and Cheese

Ribeira D´Alva tent in Sta Iria Fair
Ham, different types of Chouriço and Bread

Another view of the tent

Ham sandwiches, Cheese and Honey

Liquors, Wines and Honey

Ribeira D´Alva Restaurant
Owner: Pedro Branquinho
Location: Sabugueiro - Serra da Estrela
Restaurant: 238 311 978
Shop: 238 311 667

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