22 December 2012

Portuguese Christmas Sweets: Dreams

Hello everyone,
Today I´m sharing my mother´s recipe of a typical Portuguese Christmas sweet called "Sonhos".
"Sonhos" is the Portuguese word for dreams.

Portuguese "Dreams" Recipe


~ 4 Egg whites
~ 6 tablespoons of Flour
(all purpose flour with yeast)
~ Juice of 1 big Orange (or 2 small ones)
~ 3 tablespoons of water
~ Oil to fry
~ Sugar & Cinnamon powder to sprinkle

How to Do:

1. Beat the egg whites very well and reserve while you mix the other ingredients.

2. In another bowl, mix well the flour with the water and the natural orange juice. 

3. Add the egg whites to the flour mixture and stir gently.

4. In a small bowl or cup, mix sugar and cinnamon powder to sprinkle the Dreams after fried. 

5. Fry the Dreams in hot oil - I use Sunflower oil. Each Dream is a tablespoon full of dough/polme.

5. Put the dreams in kitchen paper to dry the excess oil and let them cool a little bit.

6. Sprinkle the Dreams with the mixture of Sugar and Cinnamon.
The quantities in this recipe make more or less a dozen units. If you want to make more, double the ingredients.  


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