22 July 2008

Mediterranean Diet Pyramid and Guidelines

Portuguese food is, in many aspects, associated with the Mediterranean Diet. Before I start posting Portuguese recipes I decided to create a new section for posts about the Mediterranean Diet.
Broadly speaking, the Mediterranean Diet is a lifestyle that consists in using certain ingredients or recipes frequently used in the Mediterranean Basin.
Several studies have related this type of diet to better health conditions. Nowadays, the international scientific community recognizes the many advantages of generous intakes of olive oil, nuts, pastas, cereals, fruits and vegetables.

Guidelines for a Mediterranean Diet:

~ High consumption of: Olive oil, vegetables, fruits, unrefined cereals, water;

~ Moderate to high consumption of fish or low fat meat;

~ Moderate consumption of dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt;

~ Low consumption of read meat, meat products, fat and sugar;

~ Weekly consumption of eggs: 0/4;

~ Moderate wine consumption during meals;

~ Several meals a day (5 or 6);

~ Regular exercise;


To see a bigger version of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid click:

Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

Mediterranean Diet Pyramid for Children

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Rachel said...

I think it is really interesting that exercise is included in the food pyramid. The UK one does not include exercise at all.

Mizé said...

Hi Rachel.
Yes, this pyramid is very complete.
Without exercise we sure get obese. Everyone should make, at least, a 30 minutes walk everyday.
This pyramid also reflects Portuguese food habits and I´m using it as a reference in some posts. Cheers.