29 July 2008

Portuguese Toasts

This is a picture of another type of bread very appreciated here in Portugal, and very common in city cafés. It is used in toasts, sandwiches and, in some regions of Portugal, as an ingredient of a traditional sweet called "Rabanadas". I´ll share this recipe later.
If you ever come to Portugal and you´d like to order this type of bread, toasted with butter, all you need to ask for is "Torradas".
If you order toasts, everyone will ask you the same: Toast with what? Cheese, Ham (Fiambre), or Mixed? So, in Portugal plain toasts with butter are called "Torradas".
See you soon.


Lynda said...

I found your food blog ! It's lovely, I can't wait to learn more about Portuguese food as that which I have tried, I have always loved !

Mizé said...

Hi Lynda, thanks for visiting my new blog, another blogging adventure.
I´m looking for a better template...so I´ll be trying a few in the next days.
I won´t post every day, but I promisse to share my best recipes, if I manage to translate them :)
I´d like to talk about food and culture too, not only recipes.
See you soon. Cheers!