28 July 2008

Portuguese Bread Recipe

Portuguese Bread Recipe


100 gr Wheat Flour
60 ml Warm Water (40-45ºC)
3 gr Ferment
1 Pitch of Salt


Dissolve the ferment in ¼ cup of warm water. In a bowl mix the flour with the ferment and add the water in small quantities. Keep mixing until it gets consistent. Cover the bowl and let it reast (to leaven) for, at least, 30/45 minutes.
With your hands make small balls and bake them in the oven. The recommended temperature to bake them is around 180ºC.
Suggestion: Try these small breads while they´re still warm with a good butter , olive oil or cheese. If you try this recipe you´ll see how easy it is to make home made bread. And that´s how Portuguese “Carcaças” are made.
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