5 August 2008

Potatoe Purée " À Transmontana"

In Portugal, potatoe puree is often served with meat dishes that have sauce and it´s used in fish or meat cakes. We have a tradicional dish called "Empadão" (sort of pie) that can be made either with potatoe puree or boiled rice. Today´s recipe is typical in north Portugal and it´s called "Puré à Transmontana". I tried this puree for the first time when I was still a teenager in a restaurant nearby Vila Real, in north Portugal, which I don´t remember the name.


~ 6 medium size potatoes
~ 1/2 cup of milk
~ 1 Tsp butter
~ Salt (q.b)
~ 1 pitch nutmeg
~ 2 Tsp Olive oil
~ 1 medium size onion
~ 1/2 pork spicy sausage - Chouriço


Boil the potatoes in salted water.
You can make the purée anyway you like (rub through a strainer, process in an electric blender or smash the patatoes with a fork) because it works anyway. Then, add the butter, milk and nutmeg, while it´s hot or warm it up for 2 or 3 minutes. Reserve.
Frie the sliced onions and sausage in olive oil for about 10 minutes in low temperature so the onions don´t burn.
Put the puree in a serving tray and top it with the onions and sausage sauce. Serve it with a steak, roasted meat, chicken, or any dish you find suitable. Serves 3/4 persons.
Bom Apetite.


Rachel said...

This sounds really nice - I am a vegetarian but I am sure it would be equally good with a vegetarian sausage.

Mizé said...

Hi Rachel, thanks for visiting. I love vegs but, now and then, I like a good steak. I must admit being a veg is a healthier "animal friendly" choice :)
Yes, I guess you could replace the Chouriço by a veg saussage. What I like most in this purée is the fried onion and the taste of butter. In north Portugal some people do this purée mixing different types of chouriço, I only use red type. I see recipes as guidelines and I change them all the time, as long as they come out tasty...