3 August 2008

Portuguese Ingredients: Potatoes

If you just arrived in Portuguese Menu blog, my posting project is divided in two chore sections: Recipes and Ingredients. As a way of organizing the blog, I post about Mediterranean Pyramid Diet ingredients, which are basically the same as Portuguese, and recipes: both mine and traditional.

The ingredients included in the bottom of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid are bread, potatoes and rice. I wrote a few posts about bread, now I´d like to start the potatoes section.

Picture of Portuguese Potatoes, white type, called: "Olho de Perdiz"

As I mentioned in the post about Agriculture, Portugal is a potato producer. Potatoes are a basic ingredient of many Portuguese Menus and most traditional recipes include them both in meat and fish dishes.
In Portugal you can find different types of potatoes, depending on the region and the season. Potatoes produced in Portugal are from three major types:

~ White - We call them new potatoes. Great for soups, to boil, or make puree;
~ Reddish - Good for frying;
~ Brown - We call them old. Versatile type of potatoe, excellent in soups.

Many Portuguese supermarkets sell imported potatoes, mostly from Spain and France, but we can find our national production in smaller supermarkets or mini-markets. My next post will be a patatoe puree recipe.
See you soon.

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