24 August 2008

Portuguese Chouriço

In Portugal we have very good quality chouriço. We frequently use chouriço in meat dishes, soups, kebabs, as an entrance or small meal.
Portuguese and the Spanish use the word "Tapas" to designate small meals. Tapas can include several ingredients, like cheese, ham, chouriço, fried fish, etc.

I cooked the black pork chouriço in the picture with alcohool.

With Portuguese home made bread and a good red wine chouriço is a great Tapa.


Anonymous said...

Great looking dish! I like tapas.

Mizé said...

Hi. Thanks for your visit and comment. I´m a fan of Tapas too. In my house sometimes we don´t feel like having a big dinner so we have soup and Tapas.

Victoria1st said...

I'm a big fan of chourico assada, but I thought the Portuguese word for the equivalent of the Spanish taps was petiscos. Am I close?

Mizé said...

Hi Victoria. Thanks for your visit and comment. I just wrote a post where I try to explain the usage of both words here where I live.
Best Regards.