26 August 2008

Grilled Pork Kebabs

A very common Portuguese Menu is grilled meat: Pork, beef, lamb and chicken are the most common in restaurants. In my house we frequently have grilled meat, specialy pork which is very popular in our country. We call grill dishes “Grelhados” or “Churrasco”, like Brazilians.
My favorite pork meat dish is kebabs and in my house we do a special sauce which is perfect for meats.
In supermarkets we can find ready to grill fresh kebabs but they´re so easy to do that I like to make my own. This way I´m sure all ingredients are fresh and I can do them in any size. I buy fresh vegetables in a small supermarket that sells local products and the meat in the butcher I trust. I have metal sticks for the kebabs which are bigger than wooden sticks and last a lifetime.
I salt the meat and use the sauce while kebabs are cooking. I don´t use the garlic sauce as a marinade or in the plate.

Ingredients I use in Pork Kebabs:

~ The best low fat pork meat I can find
~ Bacon
~ Chouriço (sometimes)
~ Onion
~ Sweet Peppers of different colour
~ Special garlic sauce mixed with liquid butter and fresh chopped parsley

And that´s how they look:

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