21 August 2008

Portuguese Covert

Hi everyone.
Today´s post focus is the typical Portuguese covert. I´ll try to provide general information because, as I mentioned in the introduction posts to Portuguese Menu, our traditions depend on the region you visit.

When you´re in a Portuguese restaurant, the first thing the waiter will put in your table, after the menu, is bread, butter and olives (if they have them). Depending on the restaurant and location you can also be served with other things, listed below. In future posts I´ll explain in more details the last two covert ingredients. So, toghuether with bread, butter and olives a Portuguese covert may include:

~ Different types of Cheese
~ Different types of Chouriço
~ Presunto
~ Rissóis, Croquetes ou Pasteis de Bacalhau
~ Cenouras Temperadas

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