28 August 2008

Portuguese Home Made Fast Food

Hi everyone.
My tittle today is a little ironic :) but I wanted to show you my homemade fast-food and decided to start this new categorie.
I avoid having fast food in malls because it´s not a healthy choice. As we all know the levels of fat and cholesterol in fast-food are very high, but it tastes so good that it´s difficult to avoid, specially in busy days.
When I have a wish for fast-food, I cook it at home. I buy fresh beef in the butcher and do the hamburgers and lasagnas myself. I also know how to do homemade pizzas, tasty chicken sandwiches, fried chicken, and the dishes included in the fast-food categorie, but in a more healthy way.
I buy fresh ingredients, lettuce, onion, tomatoe, garlic, etc. I only use extra virgin olive oil to cook but I do that in most food, not only in the fast type. Most times, I grill the meat instead of frying it. I buy bread with sesame seeds or use mixture bread (which is better) and I also do the french fries. I like to use different types of low-fat cheese.
When I do fast food at home my daughter loves it. Check out my homemade hamburger, it looks nice, doesn´t it?


Babette said...

Your homemade burger looks delicious! I also make my own 'fast food'. :)

Mizé said...

Hi Babette, thanks for your visit and comment.
My homemade "fast food" is much better than any brand I know, I bet yours too.
I also like lasagna and pizza, the next time I cook one of this dishes I´ll post them here too.