17 September 2008

Fruit of The Season: Portuguese Melons

Hi everyone.
Today I´m posting pictures of the fruit of the season here in Portugal. The fruit of the season is a new blog section where I´ll post about Portuguese fruits and relate them to the season in which they are easy to find in supermarkets.
In Portugal we have some fruits all year round like bananas and apples. Madeira Island bananas are a regional typical product. This small type of bananas are famous for it´s good quality.
Many other fresh fruits, and some vegetables, are available only in certain seasons.
In the end of the summer we have grapes, some types of oranges and green pears. You can still find some watermelons and melons like the ones in the pictures.
We have three types of melons: White (the 1st picture), green (the 2nd pic), called "Pele de Sapo", and "Meloa". Meloa is a smaller type of melon that you can cut in half and eat it with a spoon.

Melão Branco

Melão "Pele de Sapo"


Rachel said...

They look juicy and delicious. I have a honeydew melon here for my son - he loves melons especially the ones with orange centres as they are very sweet.

Mizé said...

Hi Rachel.
Melons is one of my favorite fruits, after strawberies and cherries. I even use melon in salad fruits and I love it with Presunto.
Glad you stoped by. Cheers.