19 September 2008

Seasoned Beet-Root

Remember my recent post about Seasoned Carrots?
Well, I do the same seasoning for cooked beet-root, a healthy vegetable very common in Portugal. I serve it as salad with all meat recipes and omelettes.
I buy fresh red beets and I cook them, without peeling, in salted water for 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the root size.
Then, I peel it and slice to a salad bowl, season with vinagrette sauce and plenty fresh parsley. I keep it in the fridge before serving. They´re much better after one or two days resting in the fridge to absorbe the vinagrette.
My Portuguese seasoned beet looks like this:


Rachel said...

They look lovely - I do like freshly cooked beetroot although last time I did it I forgot to leave the skin on so it lost its flavour.

Mizé said...

Hi Rachel.
Yeap, you have to cook them with the skin on, otherwise they loose all flavour and juice too. To cook them I leave the skin and the root, I only remove the leaves.