1 October 2008

Blog Awards for Portuguese Menu

Hi everyone.
I´m proud to announce that Portuguese Menu Blog received two blog awards from Empty Streets: It´s a Way of Life Blog from Manila.
I meet this cool blog trough Entrecard and I like to visit because it´s kind of a surprise box, you never know what interesting post comes next. Metz writes about different things, music, blogging resources, and other topics he likes.
I was very surprised to see my name in the awarded list and I´m very honoured. Two blog awards in a row doesn´t happen everyday!
Thanks Metz! I will proudly show them in my sidebar.


Empty Streets said...

Aww the awards for yah is well deserved dear. :) the things here and in your other site nite clicks keep me coming back for more :) xoxo

Rachel said...

Good for you, well done! I always enjoy reading your blogs!

Mizé said...

Thanks both of you.
Empty Streets: You´re very kind. I like reading your blogs too.
Night Clicks has turned into a mixed bag blog and is my MMO blog, my business center, lol. The other blogs are pure fun blogging, at least for now. Thanks for your support. Cheers!

Rachel: I started socializing more and now I have fellow bloggers from many different places, mostly thanks to Entrecard and Link Referral.
I´m a follower of your blogs for one year now! I started reading Turnonepoundintoonemillion in October 2007 and, I said before, you´re a great reference to me. If there´s anything I can do, just let me know. Links are the minimum I can offer you.

Empty Streets said...

:) Your recipe's here are so much fun to try like I tried the salad thing today and it was awesome hehe. Keep it up Mize. :)