4 October 2008

Portuguese Fish: Carapaus Fritos

Hi everyone.
Today´s post is about another type of Portuguese fish I like, called "Carapaus".
Sardines and Carapaus are a very common type of fish in Portugal.
Carapaus are the name we use for the medium size fish, like in the picture below. When the fish is very small we call them "Jaquinzinhos".
I fry Carapaus the same way I did in Sargos fish recipe.
When fresh, grilled carapaus are very good, specially when they´re big. We joke saying Carapaus are Sardines´ cousins but their taste and look is different. Sardines have a thicker skin, different head, marked taste, and more fish bones than Carapaus. Carapaus can be found all year round while Sardines season is summertime.
I serve Carapaus with tomatoes rice, like in the second picture, or salad.

Bom Apetite!


Nedekcir said...

Looking at this picture made me missed fish. Looks yummy.

Mizé said...

Hi Nedekcir.
Thanks for your visit.
Portugal is a fish country :)
I try to have it as often possible. Another thing I love here is seafood.

MarlyMS said...

Wow! I missed eating fried fish Mize. I love it.