28 October 2008

Portuguese Fruit of the Season: Romã

Hi everyone.
Another Portuguese fruit that we only have in this season is "Romã" - "Punica Granatum". This fruit´s origin is attributed to Orient regions, the same as figs, almonds, apples, pears, cherries, almonds and other nut fruits.
This fruit´s interior is devided in small red seeds which we eat with or without adding sugar. This tree needs water to grow tasty fruits so you can often find it near small rivers. I picked this fruits myself:

Romã ready to eat.


Vidhya said...

Love those red delicious pomogranate pearls Mize. nice click

Liza said...

they look yummy and sooo juicy. we don't have them here. are they sweet or a little sour?

Mizé said...

Hi Vidhya.
Thanks for your visit.
I love Romã too, this in the picture were so sweet.

Hi Liza. They are yummie and juicy, like you described. They are very sweet, I didn´t had to add sugar.
We only have Romãs like this once a year, in fall, that´s why they´re so special.

Kim said...

Hi Mize', thanks for stopping by my blog. So you call these Roma in Portugal? They look like what we call Pomegranates in the states. I love them!

I liked your comment on my soup about hating to waste food. I feel so fortunate to be able to have chickens. They're natural garbage disposals, plus they return the favor with eggs. :-). And the bear meat is fairly unusual for us too. We happen to live in a rural area where a lot of people hunt, so that is one of the game meats that we get to eat. We also have had wild pig in the past, but they're not too keen on eating horse over here. How does that taste? I'd be curious to taste it.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pomegranates. My family used to grow these when I was a child...love the crunchiness of the fruit.

Rachel said...

Wow I have never seen anything like this - it is so pretty. I bet it makes a good garnish looking beautiful on puddings.

Waterrose said...

Pomegranates are so good for you...full of antioxidants.

Mizé said...

Thanks all for visiting.

Yeap, pomogranate, nice name. I didn´t know the translation so I used Portuguese Romã.

Kim: I never tried horse (I love them live, could never eat it, unless I didn´t know what were serving me, lol), I just see it for sale in the supermarket.
Having a few chickens is great, not only for the egs but for the meat.
I added your link to my blogroll. Cheers.

My bug life: This fruits are part of my child memories too. We had a few trees in the farm I was raised.

Rachel: This fruits are great but a bit sweet. We only have them fresh, never tried to cook them. Maybe they´re good for jelly.

Waterrose: Thanks for commenting. Didn´t know they have antioxidants, thanks for sharing.