31 October 2008

Pumpkin Soup

Hi everyone. Today is "Pumpkins Day".
Here in Portugal we call this vegetable "Abóbora" and "Abóbora Menina", when smaller.
Once Abóbora is a common vegetable in Portugal we use it in different dishes.
For example, we use pumpkin in sweets like pies, cakes and to make jelly. We also use it in meat or bean dishes and in soups.

One of our favorite soups in winter cold nights is "Creme de Abóbora".
This soup´s ingredients are: Potatoes (1 or 2 medium size), onions (2 medium size), carrots (3), a good slice of pumpkin (+/- 150 gr), olive oil (1 tablespoon) and salt.
Boil well all vegetables in salted water and the olive oil. Blend well, rectify salt and the soup is ready.
Serve each soup dish with 1 tablespoon of fresh cream previously beat and mixed with fresh finely chopped coriander. Serves 4.
Sometimes I use this recipe but instead of coriander and cream I use boiled egg in slices, which works very well with this soup.
Bom Apetite!

Image source: http://www.photosearch.com


Anonymous said...

I love pumpkins in soups, desserts or just plain stir fried with dried shrimps.

Kim said...

My husband was joking last night about making soup out of the pumpkins our girls got from a pumpkin patch. This sounds yummy. I may have to try this. One of them will be for pie, but the other may work well in this.

Mizé said...

Hi ladies, thanks for stopping by.

My bug Life: My daughter is crazy about pumpkin soup, I prefer green vegs but I cook it often because she asks.
I recently noticed you have my link in your blogroll, Thanks!
I added yours too. Cheers!

Kim: You husband is right. Pumpkin soup is great for kids, if you blend it well it makes a velvet and sweet puré.
If you try it let me know latter, ok?

Rachel said...

I love soup and this one sounds really delicious. Pumpkins are always a bit expensive here in the UK and tend to only be in the shops around Halloween. I tend to use butternut squash instead!

Anonymous said...

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