3 November 2008

Portuguese Speciality: "Pasteis de Nata"

Pasteis de Nata are a Portuguese speciality. They´re made with a pasta called "Massa Folhada", filled with a mixture of cream, sugar, eggs and vanilla flavour, or Aniz in some regions. You can find Pasteis de Nata in all regions of Portugal.

I like to have mine with cinnamon, tastes much better:



Lynn said...

i love sweets! i'm now drooling. :)

Liza said...

i love egg tart! :)

Anonymous said...

I tasted these delicious and out of this world pastries when I visited Portugal and I can tell you that you can't get any of these elswhere outside of Portugal. The ones we here somehow don't taste as good.

Sandra Carvalho said...

Ahh sim!Com canela!Definitivamente com canela!

Mizé said...

Hi Ladies. Thanks for your comments. This week has been a bit hectic, sorry to answer only now.
I love this cream and egg cakes we call Pastéis de Nata=milk cream.

Lynn: I love sweets too but I should avoid them, my sugar levels are a bit unbalanced, specially after my daughter was born.
Anyway, these are really good and I have one, once in two weeks or so.

Liza: You like good food! I´ve seen it in your blog, lol.
This aren´t really egg tarts, the main ingredient is milk cream, which is as yummie!
See you soon.

My Bug Life: Yeap, delicious is the right word.
I didn´t know you couldn´t find them outside Portugal, you see, I haven´t traveled much, only online, lol, trough blogs like yours.
I had that idea but I wasn´t sure, so I didn´t mention that uniqueness.
"Pasteis de Belém", from Lisbon are similar to Pasteis de Nata.
What I also love is Pastéis de Sintra. If I ever return there, I will bring some pics to post, it´s a wonderful city near Lisbon.
A good Monday!

Sandra: Oi! Obrigado pela visita.
Pois é, definitivamente com canela!
Se elas soubessem como são de babar... quentinhos e com canela, lol!
Tou a adorar partilhar o que sei da nossa cultura e comida.
Se tiver alguma receita para partilhar, terei todo o gosto de publicá-la como "Guest Post".
Vá...desenterre o livro de receitas e traga a sua melhor especialidade para partilhar com este pessoal do Entrecard e do Google que visitam o Portuguese Menu! Cá a espero.
Boa Segunda, xx.

pixen said...

Bom dia,

I love Portuguese desserts and I never missed pateis de nata when I'm at my favourite cafeteria!

I would love to know how to make Pateis de fejoada? I lost the recipe when my Portuguese housekeeper retired :-( I hope you can help me...

muito obrigada

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I love pasteis de nata and had i for the first time recently. I am trying to make it at home and have succeded only the first time . Im facing a problem everytime though, they end up being hollow. Although the custard mixture rises during cooking and often overflows a bit but then once i take them out they sink and are hollow. What am i doing wrong? please help!

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