9 November 2008

Portuguese Onions: Straight From The Farm

This wonderful, but huge, onions were offered to us by a lady that has a farm. She has many different types of vegetables and fruits too, specially very good quality oranges, a typical fruit in Algarve.
This onions were very white inside and because they were huge, I had use only a portion and keep the rest in the fridge. They lasted more than one week in the fridge without loosing juice. Now, that´s what I call good onions!
I like onions very much and I use them in most dishes I cook. Portuguese people say that onions ang garlic are good for the heart.
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Vidhya said...

Hi Mize,

did you get any reply foodbuzz. Just ping me if you can viyer79@gmail.com

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Rachel said...

I have also read that onions and garlic are good for the heart and I love onions too. I use them in most things that I cook as well. I especially like them caramalised and used as a base for soup or with veggie sausages!