6 November 2008

Maizena for Sauces/ Cakes/ Deserts

Hi everyone.
Today´s post is about a typical Portuguese corn flour that I use in sauces, cakes and other sweets. I mentioned that I use mayz flour in my Egg Pudding Recipe, remember?
Well, Maizena from Duryea brand is very old in my country, it has more than 35 years of existence in the market.
Besides using mayz flour as an ingredient in recipes I use it to make a delicious milk desert that everyone in my home likes. You can serve this milk desert to babies older than four months as a meal. Maizena is gluten free.


~ 500 ml Milk
~ 6 Tablespoons of Maizena
~ 1 Egg (only yellow)
~ 1 Teaspoon of butter
~ 2 Tablespoons of sugar
~ Lemon skin
~ Ground Cinnamon and sugar to top (optional)


In a cooking pan mix Maizena with cold milk, dissolving well the flour. Take to stove in low temperature. Add butter and a bit of lemon skin. Keep mixing well, without raising temperature.
Add the egg and mix well again. Cook for some more minutes until thicken.
Let it cool and serve.
Maizena is a very easy to do and delicious desert. It can be a complete meal for babies and it´s very cheap, comparing to other brands of baby food.
See you.


Babette said...

Hi, I think here in the US, a similar product is called Cornstarch.

Anonymous said...

Nice dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you seeking your information.