15 November 2008

Portuguese Seafood

I recently had another feast of Portuguese seafood, my favorite of all times. The pictures really water my mouth.
The preparation "secret" belongs to my hubby but there´s nothing special about it. All seafood in the pictures is cooked in boiling salted water and then prepared with no additions. Some people use mustard or beer but my hubby does it "natura".
We love to have seafood with bread and butter (sometimes toasted) plus a good Portuguese wine.
A good Saturday.


Babette said...

Mize, this is making my mouth water! LOL It looks delicious. I love shrimps the most. :o)

Nedekcir said...

Seafood is my favorite. Yum that looks delish.

Anonymous said...

Having seafood with toasted bread is nice....we have here with crabs and I like dipping the bread into the sauce :)