19 November 2008

Vegetale Mix Soup

Before I post a Portuguese beans recipe that a fellow blogger asked me, I´d like to share a combination of vegetables for soup that I often cook in cold days:

Vegetables in the picture:

~ French Garlic
~ Pumpkin
~ Carrots
~ Cabbage (Couve Lombarda)

Soup Base:

~ Onions
~ Potatoes
~ Olive oil and salt


I cook a soup base with two medium onions, two potatoes, olive oil and salt. Blend it well. Then, I cut all vegetables in very small pieces and add to the soup base.
I add one cup of water, rectify salt, and let it cook for 30 minutes.
It´s a very good combination of vegetables. Carrots and pumpkin are sweet but then the strong taste of french garlic and cabbage makes this soup simply perfect.
Bom Apetite.


Anonymous said...

loved it really easy just like my local resturant makes it,have you got the recipe for tarte de natas

Mizé said...

Hi. Thanks for your visit and comment.
I´m a soup lover, you´ll find more recipes here.
Yes, I have the recipe for Tarte de Natas, in fact, I have different versions. I will post the classic recipe as soon as possible.
Best Regards. Mizé.