30 December 2008

Perfect "Suspiros"

Although my last Suspiros didn´t look very good, they vanished in the same day I made them. Today, I did them again and they looked so beautiful that I decided to post some pictures:

Suspiros are very easy to do, the secret is baking them in very low temperature.
Lynda, a fellow blogger, commented that Suspiros reminded her Merengues.
In fact, she´s entirely right, Suspiro´s dough is used to make Merengues but there´s a small difference between them. In a near future, I will post about this topic.
See you soon.


Anonymous said...

Very good!

Mizé said...

Hi Sports.
Yes, they´re excellent, a real treat!

Rico said...

Impressionante ...impressive...just love them..thx for sharing