29 December 2008

Changing Portuguese Menu Look

New Year is arriving, as we say in Portugal: "New Year, New Life".
New life means renovation, just what I need in Portuguese Menu. I feel like renovating the way it looks.
I´d like to inform visitors and readers that I´m changing the layout. I hope I can finish this change soon. Thanks for understanding.
Happy Holidays!

30/12/08 - Update:

For now, I´m done. In the future, I´d like to find a new header and maybe add another background. I still have some widgets to upload, a task that I will do after the New Year´s celebration.
See you soon.


Anonymous said...

Nice new look! Happy New Year!!

♥Reeni said...

I love the change!! Happy New Year!

DCRose said...

Good luck on your new look. so far so good.
Happy New Year.

Mizé said...

My Bug Life: Thanks!
A Prosperous New Year, with lots of health, yummie food and good travel.

Mizé said...

Reeni and Rose:
I´m glad you both liked it. It´s a free layout but more appropriate to my theme.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it´s very important to have feedback.