5 January 2009

Portuguese Typical Products: Cheese and Presunto

Cheese and "Presunto" are two typical Portuguese products you can find countrywide. There are some Portuguese regions that specialize in cheese and presunto production such as Beira Alta, Beira Baixa and Alentejo.
Many PDO (protected designations of origin) Portuguese products are produced in this regions, for example, wine, extra virgin olive oil and chouriços. In center regions we have the famous "Lezírias" rice.
Portuguese like to have Presunto as a covert, in sandwiches, with melon or just as a Tapa. Our typical cheeses can be made of different milk types, such as cow, sheep or goat. We also have fresh cheese and "Requeijão" as typical products.

Other Portuguese PDOs products are:

~ Wool
~ Flowers
~ Essential oils
~ Bread, cakes, cookies and pastries
~ Drinks with plant extracts
~ Beer
~ Pasta
~ Fish and seafood
~ Fruits, vegetables
~ Cereals, rice
~ Butter, margarine, oil
~ Milk, eggs and honey


♥Reeni said...

The Presunto looks like our Italian Prosciutto. We enjoy it many of the same ways you do, with fruit like figs, in a sandwich or with some cheese as an appetizer.

Mizé said...

Hi Reeni.
Sorry to answer only now.
Yes, I guess it´s the same. It´s pork leg, salted and smoked.
Hã..I didn´t know you´re Italian :)
I noticed some Italian influence in some of your recipes.
Good blogging week.