27 February 2009

My Crêpe Recipe

Hi everyone.
As promissed, here´s my Crêpes recipe:


~ 100 gr all purpose fluor
~ 2 eggs (whole)
~ 2,5 dl milk
~ Pitch of salt
~ 30 gr margarine or butter


1. Put the flour in a bowl and add a pitch of salt.
2. Add the whole eggs and the milk. Mix well. Let the Crêpes dough rest half an hour before cooking.
3. Before cooking, melt the margarine, add to the dough and mix well.
4. Use a non-sticking pan and low temperature so Crêpes don´t stick to it or burn. Cover the bottom of the frying pan with dough and let the Crêpe cook well in both sides.

Serve at taste - Hot or cold, plain or with: Sugar, cinnamon, honey, any fruit jelly, melted chocolate, ice cream, any type of nuts, cream, etc.
Bom Apetite!


liza said...

It's weird that I know making crepes is so easy but I have never ever tried making them. I think it's high time I do. :D Thanks for sharing the recipe. :D

Rachel said...

I like savoury pancakes, coked with wholemeal flour and without the sugar and then filled with stir fried peppers and onion with some sour cream or avocado spread on them!