6 March 2009

Portuguese "Tarte de Natas" Recipe

Hi everyone.
A Portuguese Menu reader asked me for the traditional "Tarte de Natas" recipe. Tarte de Natas is a soft sweet made with milk cream, condensed milk, milk, gelatine and served with butter or "Maria" type cookies. You can find this speciality in most regions of Portugal.
I haven´t done this recipe in a long time so I don´t have any of my pictures to post. Anyways, here´s the recipe:

Tarte de Natas Recipe


~ 600 ml milk cream (3 small tetrapacks)
~ 1 cup of milk
~ 1 Can Condensed Milk
~ 5 leafs of gelatine
~ 1 packet of cookies "Maria" or butter cookies


1. Before starting, you need very cold milk cream so put the packets in the freezer for 10 minutes.
2. Beat cold cream until thick, add condensed milk and mix well.
3. Put the gelatine leafs in a cup of water for some minutes so they become soft. Remove the water, add hot milk the milk and mix well. Let it cool before adding to the cream mixture.
4. Add the gelatine to the cream and beat well.
5. Smash cookies or use them whole. I use them on top, well smashed.
6. Put in the fridge for six or more hours and serve cold.

Picture source: http://www.photosearch.com


liza said...

We have that "Maria" cookies here, :D but we call it "Marie". Tate de Natas sounds good to me. :D

Matt (Faro, Algarve) said...

Great recipe, this site also has some good Portuguese recipes - http://www.my-algarve.com/portuguese_food.htm

Katherine said...

Looks amazing, how many mls would a cup of milk be?

LuluGFlor said...

We make something like this in Goa (India) and we call it Sera Dura.