6 February 2009

Portuguese Vegetables: Agriões

Agriões, as we call it in Portugal, are one of my favorite green leaf vegetables.
In the region I live, south Portugal, they´re a comon vegetable that can be found all year round.
I really like their taste both fresh and cooked. I use Agriões mostly to do soup and salads.
You need to wash them very well. After selecting the best leaves, I use vinegar and water to wash them. Most times I do Agriões salad with onion and others I mix with lettuce. Great to serve with any meat or fish.


BlueMist said...

Alright! first time here. I have seen this vegetable a lot in the shops but never knew what to do with it. probablly because we never use it in Indian cooking. Hope to see more recipes from you. Glad I found your blog. quite helpful to understand the portugese food out here.

Mizé said...

Hi Blue Mist.
I´m happy to know you like my blog.
Agriões Soup is one of my favorites. I just do a purée with potatoes, onions, salt and olive oil. Then, I add Agriões leafs, previously well washed, and let it cook for more 8/10 minutes. Their flavour is unique.
I will visit your blog too.
Good weekend!