2 February 2009

Fresh Salmon, Pasta & Egg

Today´s post is an idea for a fish dinner.
This fish course has fresh boiled salmon (half a portion because it was for my daughter), fusili pasta and one boiled egg.
To season, I use extra virgin olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice. With the mediterranean diet in mind, you can make a healthier meal by replacing pasta for vegetables.
I recently bought this white plates for my kitchen. I like them because they´re simple and can be used in the microwave, the opposite of my blue English style set :)
Bom Apetite.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice combination!

Rachel said...

This does look nice, I would never of thought of putting egg with it myself. The plates are a great idea. I have all white china and then it all matches and it is easier to replace things that break!

Mizé said...

Hi. Sorry for the late response but thanks so much for your visits :)

Mizé said...

My bug Life:
Thanks for your visit.
Sorry I haven´t returned your drops with this blog´s account. At this moment, due to lack of time, I´m only returning drops with my blog Night Clicks.

Yeap, delicious and healthy too. All ingredients are bolied with salted water and didn´t use any fat to season.
Happy Monday!

Mizé said...

Hi Rachel!
Nice to see you here.
Hope all is well.

Here is quite usual to have boiled fish with vegs and one egg. It´s traditional with codfish.

Never thought that way...replacing them.
I got this plates because my blue china is not appropriated to use in the microwaves, one object we use very often this days. They were really cheap too, only 0.69 Euros each.
You´re right, white china matches with everything too.
Good Monday!