25 February 2009

Some Updates & Portuguese Menu Reader´s Questions

Hi everyone.
First, I´d like send a big Thank You to all Portuguese Menu commentors and visitors. Your support has been really great.
There are some visitors that find me trough searches and others come from Entrecard or other blogs.
Lately, I don´t have enough time to return drops with all my blogs. I access this blog´s account mostly to approve ads but I know I have some loyal droppers. As usual, during March, I will feature Top Droppers in the sidebar.

Portuguese Menu Reader´s Questions:
Readers asked me if I could post two recipes. One is "Tarte de Natas" and the other one is Crêpes, in my last post. Although I don´t have any pictures for this recipes, I will translate and post them in the next posts.
Thanks for your participation, it makes this blog alive.
See you soon.


Hugo said...

I usually read your blog and there are some recipes i'd like to ask you to write about. One is a dessert called Farófias and the other is Migas de bacalhau.
Keep up the good work and appetit!!

mom811 said...

Thanks for the linky love, Mize. The visits and the drops will continue as you are in my faves list :)

Who knows someday I can have time to cook one of your recipes :)