11 April 2009

Portuguese Easter Sweets

In Portugal, Easter sweets include chocolate eggs, sugar almonds and the typical "Folar da Páscoa" or Easter bread:

Portuguese Easter bread has different recipes, depending on the region.
In Algarve, the region I live, Easter bread is very sweet and it can include whole eggs or not.
In Olhão, a city in Algarve, Easter bread is made without whole eggs but in north regions of Portugal they do a salty type bread made with fat pork meat or presunto.
The video below shows a huge Easter bread made this year in Algarve:

Happy Easter!

Picture Source: http://cvssemprejovens.blogspot.com


Reeni♥ said...

It's a beautiful bread. So golden brown and gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Is there a whole egg in the easter bread? I noticed it in the photo.
This is interesting.

Mom's Cafe Home said...

What a gorgeous looking loaf of bread! I like how the eggs are nested in the loaf. I will look for a recipe to try next Easter. Thanks!

liza said...

Hi Mize! Hopped in to greet you a Happy Birthday. May you have many more to come. :)


Mizé said...

Hi. Thanks all for visiting and commenting.

Reeni: I saw your Easter bread. It looks gorgeous too!
Cheers xx

Mizé said...

Mei Teng:
Yes, we use whole eggs in our Easter bread. After baking they have the Easter bread taste.
Hugs from your Portuguese friend :)

Mizé said...

Mom´s Cafe Home:
I agree, our Easter bread looks awsome.
I didn´t post my recipe because I don´t know how to translate some ingredients. It´s my biggest limitation...
Thanks for still visiting my simple food blog :):) I don´t have time to return drops anymore.

Mizé said...

Hi Liza!
Thanks so much!
A good weekend to you and your family.
Hugs :):)