23 May 2009

Portuguese Fruit Of The Season: Melons

The hot weather arrived to Portugal. It´s still Spring but the temperatures already invite us for a swim at the beach.
With the hot weather also arrives some of my favorite fruits: Melons and watermelons. The picture above shows a type of melon we call "Meloa Gália". This melons are small, sweet, juicy and they´re very common in Portugal, specially in south region where they´re produced. When they´re really small, we eat them in halfs using a spoon.
See you.


Liza said...

I love melons! I have the foodbuzz widget now on my site. I have not been paid yet but you may register now. From what I understand, you'll get paid a few cents for every visitor from US. :)

Anonymous said...

I love rock melons from Australia. They smell heavenly and tastes so good.