20 May 2009

Vegetable Salad & Fish Filet or Rissóis

Hello everyone.
In busy days, I cook simple meals but I always include vegetables.
I used the same version of vegetable´ salad to make two different meals. In one version I used mayonaise and served the salad with fish filet and in the other I seasoned with olive oil & vinegar and served it with "Rissóis".
Rissóis are commonly found in Portugal. They´re made of a fried dough and inside they can have meat, fish, vegetables, prawns or other seafood, ham and cheese.
We can buy frozen precooked Rissóis in supermarkets but you can also find them ready to eat in cafés or take away restaurants. I know how to make them too but for busy days I buy them frozen and fry them at home.

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Anonymous said...

One of my fav salads is potato salad.