18 June 2009

Coffee & Honey Cake

Hello everyone.
Today, I´m sharing a special Portuguese cake recipe. This cake is special to me because it´s one of my mother´s very old recipes. I can remember my mother baking "Coffee and Honey Cake" since I´ve known myself.
The cake is very easy to do. The secret to make it even better is using homemade ingredients: honey, extra virgin olive oil (bought in the local marketplace) and fresh coffe.


~ 4 eggs
~ 250 gr sugar
~ 250 gr self-raising flour
~ 3 table spoons of honey
~ 1 teaspoon of grind lemon peel
~ 1 teaspoon cinnamon
~ 1 cup of coffee
~ 1/2 cup of olive oil


1. Beat the whole eggs with the sugar until you get a cream.
2. Add the honey, cinnamon, lemon, olive oil, coffe and, at last, the flour. Mix well all ingredients:

3. Bake in medium heat oven (160-170º) for 35/45 minutes.

A simple but very tasty homemade cake.
Good Weekend!

PS. A reader asked what type of coffe to use. Thanks for pointing that out, it´s an important detail.
Answer: You can use any type of coffe, except in powder form. Expresso is the best but you can replace it by a strong cup of brewed coffe. Just remember to let the coffe cool before adding it to the dough.


Anonymous said...

It's a simple recipe.

1138 said...

"1 cup of coffee"

In what form?

Ground Beans?

It's critical to know.

Mizé said...

Hello. You´re right, coffe can be in different forms.
You can use any type of coffe, except in powder. Make instant, brewed, or even a cup of expresso coffe, but let it cool before using it to make the cake. I think the stronger the coffe the better.
Thanks for pointing that out.
Regards, Mizé.