11 June 2009

Mixed Cabbage Soup

Another soup I like is Mixed Cabbage soup.
For this soup, I buy different types of cabbage we have in Portugal:

~ Couve Portuguesa (Portuguese Cabbage, the dark green one)
~ Coração de Boi
~ Couve Lombarda

I chopp all cabages and carrots like you can see in the picture above.
I prepare a soup base with three large onions a two medium size potatoes. Add water, salt, olive oil and let it cook for 20 minutes. This is the same method I use for other soups, like in Juliana Soup recipe.
I use the blender to make the soup base and then add the mixture of cabbages and carrots. Let it cook for more 20 minutes and it´s ready to serve.
When I want to make a thicker soup, I add small pasta at the same time as the cabbage mixture.

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