6 July 2009

Portuguese "Mirandesa" Beef

I bought "Mirandesa" beef and took some pictures to show you the quality seal that comes in Typical Portuguese Products.
When I first started Portuguese Menu I wrote a post about the quality seals but, since then, I haven´t posted any example. This Mirandesa beef was tasty, tender and it wasn´t expensive. With this beef I cooked Stroganoff and served it with garlic fried rice.


Anonymous said...


I quit entrecard. Find it a hassle to maintain. Please continue to visit me :)

Mizé said...

Hi Mei Teng,
I can totally understand. EC dropping can be time consuming.
I still have the widget here but I only return drops with my other blog "Night Clicks".
Off course I will continue to visit you! Even if I don´t comment. Your blog is awsome!
Regards, Mizé.