15 October 2008

Pork Stroganoff

Hi everyone.
One menu I like very much is Stroganoff because the cream sauce tastes great. I do Stroganoff with beef, pork and chicken brest, the sauce works with any type of meat.
I served it with vegetable rice (peas, carrots and green beans) and my homemade chips.

Stroganoff Sauce:

~ 250 ml cream
~ 3 soup spoons of ketchup
~ 1 teaspoon of mustard
~ Pinch nutmeg or black pepper

First, I mix all ingredients in a small bowl. If you like Stroganoff with a reddish sauce, all you have to do is add more ketchup, use 4 spoons instead of three.
When the meat is fried (with lots of garlic and some salt), I add the stroganoff sauce, let it cook for 2 more minutes, mixing well, and it´s done.
Bom Apetite!


Allure said...

Should I fry the beef first on garlic and salt, and then after frying, place it on a plate. pour the sauce on beef, right?
The photo looks yummy I would like to try this one out.

Mizé said...

Thanks for your visit.
Stroganoff is a great sauce. I guess my directions weren´t very clear, I will post the correct directions.