26 September 2009

Portuguese Grapes "D. Maria"

Portuguese wine is well known for it´s good quality.
Although we don´t produce big quantities, we have unique wines such as "Vinho do Porto".
Traditionally, September is the month of grapes in Portugal. It´s in this time of the year that most Portuguese farmers collect grapes and taste the new wine.
My hometown is in a region that produces good wine, specially "Moscatel".
The picture above shows my favorite type of grapes, they´re called "Uva D. Maria" and they´re very sweet.
So, grapes are the Portuguese fruit of the season I picked for today´s post.
Hope to be back soon :)


Cinnamon Girl aka Reeni♥ said...

I like your new site! Glad to hear from you. I love grapes!

MAC said...

I want to give you a quick recipe for Grape Salad. I took this to my book signing yesterday and it was a really big hit.
Pineapple chunks
coconut, chunks or shredded
1 can of frozen pina colada
Mix together and enjoy!

Liz said...

I love grapes, especially when they are seedless.

How are you Mize? I hope all is well. Glad to know that you signed up already. ;)

berenike said...


I have a question about something I ate in Portugal ten years ago - somewhere in the middle of the country. A sweet, with a papery sort of "pastry", and a yellow sweet custardy thing inside. It looked rather like an egg yolk in some kind of membrane! Does this sound like anything you know?

Thanks for any help!

Mizé said...

Hello Ladies :)
Thanks all for your comments.

Mizé said...

Reeni: Thanks!
I´m happy I could find time to visit my blogroll great foodie fellows like you :)
So, you like my template change, thanks! It´s a free theme but serves me well.
I like grapes too! D. Maria are by far the best ones I tried.

Mizé said...

Hello Mac,
Thanks for your visit and for sharing your recipe.
Never tried grapes that way but it sounds great. We enjoy fruit salads a lot and once I love pineapple and fresh coconut I´m sure that mixture is yummy.
Regards :)

Mizé said...

Hi Liz,
I´m well, thanks!
Lately, I haven´t cooked much so things here have been slow...
I also prefer seedless and peeled grapes but I can only find them like that canned.
Yeap, I finally found time to join. I´m waiting them to review my simple blog.
Hugs xx

Mizé said...

Hello Berenike,
Thanks for your visit and comment.
I will write a post to answer your question. I´ll publish it soon.
Regards, Mizé.